New Sub Agency - Keeps sending Order and taking pmt out of acct. after cancellation

Tulsa, Oklahoma 0 comments

I ordered an introductory order of Guns and Ammo at $1.33 a month.I cancelled order bf i even received the first magazine bc it took three months to get it!

Now they are still sending magazine and taking money out of my acct! I have tried to call their number and you cant reach a live person just an automated voice and I have cancelled three more times and same *** is happening!!I despise their sales and customer service tactics and their not respecting or responding to my request!! I will definitely warn ppl about ordering Guns and Ammo as the ppl there say its not our problem as you ordered from an independent subscriber!! I say Horse *** to that!!

Its your *** magazine and you should help a consumer who is purchasing your product regardless of where I ordered it. It has your name on it doesnt it?!!

So much for American pride in your company and product!!Ya'll suck!!!

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